Black Stars_fragment_M10-M54

01_Black Stars_fragment_M10-M54

Black Stars_fragment_M10 – M54, 2015
Polyester cord on steal frame, n.2 150cm x 150cm
Photo by Lorenzo Ceretta

“Talking about light is like entering the inner sanctum of art. Since the dawn of history, man has tried to bring light into his monumental and symbolic objects by gilding the surface of sculptures, paintings and mosaics; to filter the sun’s rays through gaps and structures in order to interpret its movements and meanings. But it was starting in the twentieth century, with the spread of photography and cinema, that light began to be analyzed and used as a raw material for making artworks. “

“Back in 1617, the English physicist and alchemist Robert Fludd used a completely black page, with the annotation Et sic in infinitum on its four edges, to portray the cosmos before Creation, before the divine Fiat lux. Long before Malevich, the black surface was associated with the artist’s desire to portray the unknown in all its potential. Because such was the “cosmic soup”, according to the syncretic concepts of the time: potentiality at the highest level.”

Paola Formenti, Black. An Idea of Light (Mousse Publishing, Milan, 2015)


Black Stars_fragment_M10, 2015 (detail)
Photo by Lorenzo Ceretta


Black Stars_fragment_M54, 2015 (detail)
Photo by Lorenzo Ceretta