Flat all the way down


The show, titled Flat all the way down, originates from a mangling of the English expression “Turtles all the way down”, an extreme metaphor of the idea that the earth is supported on the back of a turtle. But who supports the turtle? Easy: It’s turtles all the way down! This is the paradoxical reply to the anecdote, according to which the world really is supported by an endless chain of larger turtles. This is a popular saying similar to the Italian one of the chicken and the egg, a logical riddle used for underlining the uselessness of a discourse or, alternatively, the incapacity to reach a concrete conclusion. These are the interactions that the artist is searching for in his use of words and materials, and he does so by questioning himself about being the “author” of an object and its consequent influence on the surrounding world.


Glowing Loss, 2017
lava rock, red neon, 35mm steal hexagonal rod, 270cm x 80cm x 75cm
Photo Michele Sereni


Black Stars_fragment_M5-M30-M54, 2017
Polyester cord on steal frame, n.3 140cm x 140cm x 10cm
Photo Michele Sereni PEL_1197
Scatter/Cadaver, 2017
Neon tube, polyester sleeve, Variable dimensions
Photo Michele Sereni


Decayed and Scattered, 2017
Glazed lava rock, green neon, steal cables, 380cm x 160cm x 60cm
Photo Michele Sereni


Things with endings, 2015
Neon tube, polyester sleeve, variable dimensions
Photo Michele Sereni


Parallax View (white on red-blue-yellow), 2017
Punctured paper on colored PVC, n.3 34cm x 34cm
Photo Michele Sereni